Tripod for arena floodlights

Tripod for arena floodlights

These are lightweight yet heavy duty enough to house 2 floodlights to light up your arena.


Available in 3.5M and 5M heights there are a perfect solultion to get your lights high enough to spread the light across you arena and keep the glare out of your eyes.


The 5M columns reduce to just under 2m and come with a carry bag and heavy duty steel Tbar to attach your lights to. with comforatbly house 2 floodights or up to 4 depending on weight.


The 3.5M is super lightweight and reduces to 1.2M making it easy to pack in to your car.  It has a lightweight tbar to house up to 2 floodlights but works best with lightwieght battery powered floodlights


Please note that these products are not suitable for use in high winds and must be secured with additional weights or other support to ensure maximum stability

  • Key features

    Tripod  with cross bar for mounting our portable LED floodlights

    Height adjustable from 1.2 -3.5m and 2m-5m

    Can hold up to 2 fittings (or more depending on weight)

    Comes in 3 telescopic sections and folds down for easy storage