Solar Stable Star Maxi

Solar Stable Star Maxi


This is a game changer where solar powered lights are concerned!

It has a massive 2500lumen output which can be set at 100%, 75%,50% and 25% depending on your requirements.

It has microwave detection for security lighting and it can be set to be on a low output then come on to full when it sees movement or it can be off and come straight on when movement is detected.

And that;s not all!  It's so advanced it will switch on when it's light out side which is something most solar products can't do so if you have a room with no windows, you can switch it on in the daytime and it will work.


Ideal for using in your stable and around the yard.

The solar panel is remote from the floodlight and is attached by a 4.5M cable giving lots of flexibility on where you can site the solar panel. With an output of 2500lumens it will adequately light a 12ft x 12ft stable.

It is great for seeing your way in the dark to muck out, groom , clip, plait and dress wounds etc but if you only need a basic level of light little sister "mini" will do the job.

Remote control included in each box meaning you can save some as spares or hand out to anyone who needs one as one remote will operate multiple floodlights.

No electrics required saving £££ on installation and ongoin running costs.

It's installation and operation is very quick and simple...just attach the panel to your desired surface (make sure it's facing the sun) , fit the flood light where required and let the sun do the rest.

These are totally awesome and they are also available for arenas with tripod

They also carry a 5 year warranty