Rider Lite

Rider Lite

Rechargeable LED High Visibility Rider Safety Light

This is SAFFY and she's totally awesome, not only will she make sure you can be seen on your ride but she also has a magnet and red emergency light function to keep you safe if you breakdown on the roadside.

If you are riding on the roads at any time of year, these little gems are an absolute must have!

They will attach around your ankle or arm with the elsticated velcro strap or they also have an accessory which allows easy attachment to your stirrups

They are rechargeable via the micro USB which is included in the pack

They have a levels of brightness for the front white light and also a flashing or static red rear light 

5 light settings: front light high, front light low, rear red light, rear red flashing light, front and rear red light

They can be fully rotated for 360° illumination

It also pops out of it's cradle and has a magnetic base so will stick to your vehicle and flash red to warn other road users you have a problem.

It is waterproof with an 18 metre beam forward distance in white mode

She will last for 2 hours in high output mode or 15.5 hours in low mode and they take just 1.5 hours to charge.

They can  be charged at home  or in your vehicle

Saffy is an absolute essential for any rider and she give so much for just £14.95!

Sold sperately, the more you buy, the more you save!