Hazard Safety Kit

Hazard Safety Kit

These are our premium hazard warning lights

They are designed for the fastest operation in an emergency situation

They pop straight out of their case and as soon as they hit the ground to warn oncoming traffic they will begin to flash.

They will work in sequence when deployed to keep you and your horses safe in case of a roadside breakdown.

8 lights in the kit

They come in an easily stored case and are rechargable via a mains charger which is included

They have 6 modes of operation and 3 different colours to select (blue, red and amber)

They also switch off automatically when placed back in their box

An essential item to keep in your lorry or towing vehicle 

  • Technical

    • Visible from over 1 kilometre
    • Up to 72 hours runtime
    • 6 flashing and 3 colour modes (blue, red and amber)
    • Waterproof and float on water
    • Crushproof up to 3 tonnes
£225.00 Regular Price
£105.00Sale Price