Hazard Harry Battery Powered flood and road safety light

Hazard Harry Battery Powered flood and road safety light

This is an essential for any road user whether you are transporting animals, towing a caravan or just driving your car.

It has sevreal awesome functions and can also save your life if you break down!

It has a flood light on one side to light your vehicle and can also be used as a general purpose flood for any situation.

It has red warning lights on the other side to warn other road users if you have broken down on the side of the road 

In a roadside emergency situation you can place harry at the back or front side of your vehicle with the red light facing on coming vehicles and the flood side to light your vehicle so it is clearly visible.

He also features a phone charging point so if you are low on battery and have no power in your vehicle Harry can help!

If you need to keep an eye on your precious load you can also use Harry to light them up too!

He has a massive 2000lumen output on the general flood light side with high and low light functions and will run continuously for up to 9 hours

The red hazard light can be seen from 100M away give plenty of notice if you do break down.

Comes with a USB charging cable and the car charger and AC adapters can be bought seperately if you require them